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About Rottingdean Village Public Hall

The Rottingdean Village Public Hall is owned by the Brighton and Hove City Council and managed by a group of local volunteers. The objective of this public space, is to provide a flexible and reasonably priced venue for community and private events. The majority of users of the Village Public Hall are public community groups, and small business enterprises, offering a variety of classes to the general public and private hire for weddings, celebrations, sales etc. More information about the main users can be found on the Regular Users page.


The hall is located in Park Road, which is just off the main High Street in Rottingdean. The High Street is a busy and historical road, with many beautiful village shops and buildings. Just along the High Street, is the Kipling Gardens, made famous from when Rudyard Kipling lived there. There is also a lovely village pond, two beautiful churches and several old public houses. The hall is situated close to the Rottingdean sea-front and several places, ranging from bed & breakfasts to hotels, to stay overnight if required. The city of Brighton and Hove is a few miles West.

Premise Licence

The Rottingdean Village Public Hall is authorisied by Brighton and Hove City Council for the following activities during Monday to Saturday 14:00 to 22:30, under reference 1445/3/2005/00770/LAPRE:-

  • Dancing
  • Making music
  • Entertainment of a similar description
  • Performance of live music
  • Performance of recorded music
  • Other entertainment falling within Act
  • Performance of a play


The following facilities are available at Rottingdean Village Public Hall and part of a regular booking:-

The Hall

The hall is the largest room in the building and has a polished sprung wooden floor and smart neutral painted walls. There are radiators sufficient to heat the space in about 30 minutes. There is a door to the kitchen, and double exit doors to the front and at both sides. The toilet facilities are available through these exit doors.

Lighting and Power

There is a lighting rig on the roof and side walls of the hall, however this is owned by Rottingdean Drama Society and use is only permitted after written confirmation from the Chairperson. There are four pocket sockets with RCD protection. During daylight hours, ample light is provided by many windows and curtains are in place to block out light if required. The electric lighting is provided by wall lights and florescent tubes overhead, and controlled from a switch unit at the entrance.

Chairs and Tables

There are enough chairs inside the hall and stored in the men's dressing room to seat 130 people comfortably in theatre a style. In addition there are 10 large and 12 small collapsible tables to be used. Further tables are available on request.


The Hall Building Plan and the Lighting and Stage Building Plan are available to assist in the planning process of an event or potential booking. Please arrange to visit the venue and take your own measurements before placing any orders or making any firm plans.


The kitchen is accessed through a door from the hall and comes fully equipped, as follows:-

  • Dinner plates, side plates, bowls
  • Knives, forks, spoons
  • Mugs
  • High-ball glasses, wine glasses, other glasses
  • Cooking pots, pans, kettles
  • Electric oven and hob
  • Microwave
  • Hot and cold taps, sink and drainer
  • Trays, chopping boards
  • First aid kit
  • Water boiler

Dressing Rooms

There are two dressing rooms. The larger room is accessed via the kitchen and the corridor through exit doors from the hall. The room has hanging rails, many mirrors and good lighting. This is typcially used as the female dressing room. Chair cushions can be found in the cupboard nearest the kitchen door. The smaller dressing room is accessed via the same corridor and typically used by the men. This is where the spare chairs are stored.


There are ladies and gents toilets in the entrance lobby and in the corridor from the exit doors. Hand-wash and paper towels are supplied.


At the opposite end to the entrance there is a stage area, with apron that extends into the hall. This is ideal for speaking events, theatre style productions, music events, etc. There are two sets of steps that lead up to the stage. These can also be covered to prevent access to the stage area.

The stage area is against the rear external wall of the building, so in order to exit stage right and enter stage left, is either to walk around the outside of the building or cross the auditorium. The exterior walkway is paved and lit.

The stage lighting and almost all the fixtures on the stage belong to Rottingdean Drama Society. Please gain agreement from the Chairperson if you wish to use any of the equipment. The lighting and sound are controlled from an operating room, at the front of the building, above the entrance. This room is securely locked and entrance is by prior arrangement only.

The front curtains, or tabs as they are known, are controlled by a manual winder to the right of the stage (as you face the 'audience') and is very old. Please be very careful with this. There are other curtains (black and deep red) available for use. There are 13 amp sockets to the left and right of the stage, plus 15 amp sockets above the stage, controlled by the switches near the curtain winder.

Other Information

If you have not found the information you need from this page, please see below or Contact us.

Health and Safety

There is a First Aid kit on the kitchen windowsill. Fire extinguishers are available according to current regulations.

Re-cycling and Refuse

The Rottingdean Village Public Hall is committed to reducing waste and becoming as sustainable as possible. We are lucky to have a re-cycling point next to the hall, behind the public lavatories. At this area, it is possible to recycle cans and bottles. Please separate your waste and use the re-cycling bins. All other waste should be taken home with you.


The Rottingdean Village Public Hall is set amongst and very close to our friendly neighbours. Please be courteous to them by not obstructing their driveways, being suitably quiet and considerate.