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Condition of hall hire

Below you'll find the condition of hire policy for Rottingdean Village Public Hall.

  • The person or persons making the application shall be deemed to be the hirer of the hall acts on behalf of the persons or group using the hall. The hirer must be a responsible person aged 21 or over.

  • The hirer of the hall is responsible for the preservation of order during a function held in the hall and shall undertake to indemnify the Committee against any damage to any persons and to property owned by the hall.

  • Safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults is the responsibility of the hirer during the period of hire.

  • It is a condition of hire that the Hall shall be left in a reasonably clean and tidy state after use by the hirer, it is important that the hall floor is swept after use. Cleaning equipment is available in the hall. Please note that the cost of excess cleaning found to be necessary by the Hall Committee will be recoverable from the hirer.

  • All rubbish must be removed from the hall and taken away, the bins outside the front door are not to be used.

  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the hall, cigarette bins are provided outside the hall and should be used.

  • For evening events the hall must be vacated by 11.30 during the week and 12.00 midnight on Saturdays. Music should be reduced to a level that is acceptable to the hall's neighbours by 11pm not to cause disturbance.

  • Hirers of the hall are advised that the hall licence for functions limits the numbers to a maximum of 100 seated concert style in rows of 12 chairs with a central aisle accessible for wheelchair users, excluding those running the function and/or performers. Depending on the activity, that the hall is being hired for, the maximum number may be far less, hirers are expected to carry out their own risk assessment for the activity that they wish to run within the hall.

  • Any damage done to the building or furniture shall be made good by the hirer. Persons using the hall for games or dancing shall wear appropriate foot wear. The floor is a sprung wooden floor, which is easily damaged by stiletto heels or tap dancing shoes.

  • No tape or staples can be used on the floor or the walls / doors. We have invested in the repainting of the hall to make it a pleasant environment for hirers.

  • The stage is not suitable for use by the general public, it may be used for bands, DJ’s and such, and access should be gained by the side steps in the wings at the users own risk. Please ask at time of booking whether stage will be available, stating whether whole or only front area required. The Curtains should be used with care, the repair of any damage to the curtains by the hirer will be charged to that hirer in full.

  • The Theatrical lights are not for general use neither is the sound system these are the property of the Rottingdean Drama Society.

  • Council officials, representatives of the Management Committee, police and other emergency services shall have free access to the Hall at all times.

  • The hall insurance does not cover any Third Party Accident or Damage caused by your activity. It is therefore strongly recommended that you check your own insurance, or take out a third party ‘All risks” cover. The Management Committee cannot be held responsible for any accident or damage to life or property.

  • All crockery, cutlery, kitchen appliances and equipment are available for use by the hirer and should be treated with respect and should be replaced where found as should chairs and tables.

  • The committee reserve the right to refuse a hire or letting.




Anyone wishing to sell or serve alcohol for consumption in the Village Hall must indicate this on the booking form.

The licensing act sets out a series of objectives, which the licensing authority is required to promote. These are:

  • The prevention of crime and disorder

  • Public safety

  • The prevention of public nuisance

  • The protection of children from harm

The organisation/event manager should appoint a responsible person to manage the sale or service of alcohol. Whether you are selling or serving alcohol e.g. at a party you must conform to the following licencing regulations:

  • The ‘Challenge 25’ notice must be on display, there is a duty of care to all minors that they should not be served alcohol in any form, the responsible person should ask for photo identification from anyone they believe to be under 25. The responsible person has the right to refuse alcohol to anyone who they believe to be under 25 if suitable ID cannot be provided. There should be no exceptions to this rule. If alcohol is refused it is important that the refusals register is completed.

  • The responsible person should not serve alcohol to anyone who they judge to be intoxicated, they have a duty of care to ensure that the public is safe whilst on the premises but also on their onward journeys. Again, if alcohol is

  • refused to anyone in these circumstances the refusals register should be completed and they should ensure that everything possible is done to ensure that the individual is cared for.

  • The responsible person should not serve alcohol to anyone who they believe to be passing on alcohol to minors or to a drunken person.

  • The responsible person must ensure that the measure provided are used for all drinks according to the list in the bar box (see below). This must be on show.

Our Alcohol Licence does not allow for any alcoholic drinks to be consumed outside the building. There is a Bar Box with statutory notices and measures to use to conform to licencing laws please use this and replace after your event. The Bar Box is in the labelled bottom drawer in the Kitchen.

The Rottingdean Village Public Hall is a valuable asset for the use of all who hire it. We expect all hirers to respect this, the hall and its contents and environment accordingly.

User Information

  • Before any performance or event starts the chocks wedged into both fire door levers (at the stage end of the hall) must be removed but the fire doors to remain closed at all times to reduce risk of univited persons entering the building. Chocks to be re-inserted into fire doors prior to locking up the building.

  • Keys are available from the key safe on the right hand side of the building as you face the hall, alongside the side door. The code can be obtained when making your booking. Please ensure when locking that both locks are locked and keys returned to the key safe.

  • The light switch in the porch is on the left hand side. There are two sets of light in the main hall. Overhead light is the top switch on the left through the doors, saying main lights. The wall lights are marked as wall lights on the wall below the main light switch.

  • There are two sets of lights that can be used, the overhead lights on the stage and then the floodlights that face the stage. The switches for these are on a lighting panel which is on the left hand side of the stage as you look at the stage, near the curtain winder. These are labelled all other lights are the property of the Rottingdean Drama Society and are not to be used or moved.

  • The curtain mechanism is sensitive and should be treated carefully. Please wind / unwind slowly, any damage to the mechanism will be charged to the hall user.

  • Water is in the kitchen, instructions are there at the side with a timer switch. Instructions for use are alongside the boiler. The immersion heater for hot.

  • The boiler is through the Kitchen to the door on the right.

  • Small tables are at the back of the hall, the larger tables are in the ladies toilets. Al tables should be replaced after use.

  • Brushes, mops and buckets, dustpans etc are stored in the same room as the boiler.

  • The first aid kit is in the kitchen on the windowsill, please fill in the Accident book, which is with the kit.

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